Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) governing the Sale and Use of Trial Lesson Vouchers (“Vouchers”)

  1. General
    • Definitions
      • “We”, “us”, “our” means the Club, its staff, instructors and members.
      • “You”, “your” means the person who purchases or uses the Voucher and any person accompanying you at the airfield.
      • “Day” means Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
      • “CAA” means the Civil Aviation Authority and “BGA” means the British Gliding Association.
    • Acceptance
      • These Terms apply to all Vouchers and replace any earlier Terms.
      • By purchasing a Voucher you agree to be bound by these Terms.
      • These Terms are governed by English Law.
    • Suitability
      • It is your responsibility to ensure that gliding is a suitable activity for you.
  2. Limitations
    • Validity
      • Vouchers are valid for 12 months only from the date of purchase.
      • The flights must take place before the expiry date of the Voucher.
    • Physical
      • Due to the design of our gliders, you may be unable to fly if your height exceeds 6′ 2” (1.88m) or if you weigh more than 15 stone (15st / 95 kg). We are unable to fly anyone under 13 years of age.
      • If you are affected by these limits, please contact us for advice.
    • Health
      • You must not fly if you are suffering from any serious medical condition (these include epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, high blood pressure or heart condition) or have recently undergone surgery, unless you have a certificate of fitness to fly from your doctor.
      • You must tell us about any disability or health problem that might affect your or our personal safety.
      • We are not qualified to express an opinion about your fitness to fly.
  3. Booking & Cancellation
    • General
      • Vouchers are strictly non-refundable unless the Voucher is returned within 7 days of purchase with a written request from you for a refund.
      • You may transfer the Voucher to another person subject to you notifying us at the time of booking or earlier.
      • All vouchers are to be flown by a single person. Sharing multiple flights with friends or family is not permitted.
      • Vouchers for multiple flights will be flown consecutively on the same day.
      • When the person flying the voucher is under 18 then they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the airfield.
    • Cancellation & Postponement
      • We reserve the right to cancel a booking without notice and will not accept responsibility for any costs you incur if this happens.
      • If the booking is cancelled for whatever reason you must re-book the flight(s) within 15 days of the cancelled flight date. If you fail to do so, we reserve the right to void the Voucher.
      • If you cancel a booking within 10 days of the flight(s), you will forfeit half of the flights booked. Single flights so cancelled will be forfeit.
      • If you subsequently cancel re-booked flights within 10 days of the revised flight date, the Voucher will be forfeit.
      • If you fail to attend at the time booked, we reserve the right to cancel the Voucher.
  4. Safety
    • Our operations are conducted in accordance with CAA and BGA regulations.
    • You must observe and comply with any advice, request, instruction or decision made by us on the grounds of safety or for any other reason.
    • If you act in any way which we deem dangerous or which may interfere with gliding operations, we reserve the right, without further liability to us, to cancel the Voucher without refund and to require you to leave the airfield forthwith.
  5. Liability
    • Description of gliding activities
      • We believe that the descriptions and images used in our marketing material are accurate. However, they are intended to give a general idea of gliding and do not form part of any contract between you and us.
    • Loss of Voucher
      • We will not be liable for the loss or theft of a Voucher nor for any losses so arising.
      • You must produce the Voucher to claim your flight.
      • We will issue a duplicate Voucher on payment of a £10 administration fee.
    • Limit of Liability
      • Our maximum liability for any claim in connection with any Voucher is limited to the price paid.

Updated January 2023